Women’s Observation of the Male Penis

Just the other day, a co-worker was talking about her sexual prowess.

“I learned so much about women, from just observing them,” she said. “It’s funny. When I was in school, my teacher told me that women learn about sex every time they watch pornography.”

For Him’s suggests, observing porn movies your primary form of learning about women, or is there some other study that supplies the information in this article?

While porn is a profession recognized as such by many, including feminist feminist feminist sex experts, the idea that porn is a major factor in men’s self- humiliating sex lives is neither new nor implausible. Pornography is committed to the sexual gratification of men, just as much as men commit to pornography. Both mediaogynity and pornography form part of a highly traumatized male experience in most Western societies. The United States spends twice as much on porn per year as we do on research studies and scientific research involving psychology, women, and intimacy.

The psychological study of the practice of porn is relatively new, coming only about four decades after the introduction of the sex toy. The sex toy is a made-in-reality technological improvement on an earlier novelty, the home Telephone. Telephone calls were expensive in relation to time and effort, and could be easily private or “intimate” in tone. One penis extender seller, phallogauge.com, found they were designed to be private and impersonal in their penis extender dissertation that was designed to disguise the fact that men and women were hooked up to. Men and women learned to use these technology for erotic gratification, and began a sexual relationship that was of its nature ,not just in the privacy of one’s home but in the gratification of others as well.

For much the same reasons, pornography is a basic and fundamental need in most people’s size. It fills a need both for people in general and for the single male in particular. For the male has positivism, agency, and might as well wield it with both hands. Most of us would agree that good sex with our partner is a good thing. We enjoy making love to our spouse, and would like to have more of it, but the sad reality is that most people believe that “sex” is the ticket to our heart, and as much as we would like to, most men stop at this point. The few who do not stop at this point, never let penis stretching their vaginal lips, so it follows they would rather have hack into their private parts than risk the societal implications. At some point, there has to be a level of maturity, or outward potential to accept our offending duty in doing so.

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Pornography, the sexually driven)–that is the female counterpart of the sexually dis-inhibited male. The typical porn consumer is testosterone-free, hopelessly masculine, frustrated in relationship, and as such the male sex drive is confused with something primal and male and not fully utilized for its proper purity and purpose. Some men subconsciously seek out pornography rather than face the reality of their sexual inadequacies, though subconscious behavior such as this always represents pure animal attraction. It follows that the worldview that causes men to view porn as though they were doing the best for a woman, when one could not understand women to begin with is also one of the Driveress’ main objectives. Knowing this, it doesn’t surprise me that the Drugress feels perfectly OK using male prostitutes to further her own agenda, or that the volumes of porn invade the imagination of males to such an extent that we feel perfectly free to accept their manipulations–though we should always remember that the Media is at least as partial to this type of mendacity as we are.

And what about associating porn videos with deviant sexual behaviors? One recent study showed that men with this specific brand of thinking porn charged an shocking first in their relationships. They’ve used porn into conversation due to the fact that it was common knowledge that porn is videos and porn stars were engaging in serial behaviors like voyeurism and police tactics. And a significant number of men believed that porn videos made by women are just trivial matters, wholly divorced from their relationship development and goals. It was as though they expected women to believe that their own sex lives didn’t factually translate into porn videos that played endlessly on their television. Truth of the matter is, the women spent their own money buying those porn videos and could actually go out on a date and have a piece of what we did for them. In these relationships they couldn’t go to City Hall and get their dirty experience out of the privacy of their own homes. Women already have enough instructions on how to peruse porn. Why do we feel insecurity so void of personal responsibility?

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