Finding The Perfect Wedding Location

Even if a perfect wedding venue is no guarantee the wedding it will be perfect, the right wedding location is key to the success of a wedding.

Getting married in an unfamiliar place can inspire feelings of nervousness, embarrassment, and “Nobody knows me!” mentality.

It usually induces feelings of excitement, and a rapid-fire array of language, emotions, and legalese does not resonate well with crowds. Even though you’ll certainly experience unexpected emotions, this response tends to be more refreshing than a long history of emotional bombardment.

Instead, consider getting married in a place you like and that is close to you or relevant to your life, not in the suburbs, not in some random place in a far-away part of the country, and not in so-called “celebrity countries”, which can be farther away than you realize. It fits your personality. Having a large wedding that isn’t moving you very far.

This not only allows the wedding location to have personal significance to you and your future spouse, but it does also make it more manageable for all of your guests to attend, especially if most of your guests are already living in the same city or town as you (i.e. not long-distance relatives although you can definitely invite them too). And if you are paying for any sort of travel expenses to get people their destination, keeping the location close helps offset any costs that could be incurred as a result, which is a big bonus for any couple not yet financially stable.

However, if you are financially stable, then you should definitely consider getting married at a destination wedding. A wedding is a big moment in your life so it only makes sense to think big as well. Go to Hawaii for a dream wedding, or even Florida has some nice wedding locations as well. Or you could even leave the country and make a real trip out of it, bringing all of your guests along for the ride which will only make it more special and memorable for them as well.

Whatever you decide to do, always make sure that was decided by the both of you, and not just you without your future spouses’ consent or even knowledge. Otherwise you end up starting your marriage on the wrong foot which no one wants.

Once you have that perfect wedding location set in stone, the rest will nicely fall into place and you will likely have the perfect wedding as well!

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