Tips For Writing Your Wedding Vows

Personalizing your wedding vows can add much more meaning to the words spoken during your wedding ceremony. They symbolize so much and putting them into words, in front of your soon-to-be-spouse, not to mention all of your loved ones, is something well worth doing, and doing right.

What better way to express the love that you feel towards each other then by writing them on a piece of paper? If you’re trying to avoid negativity during your ceremony, make sure to include a couple of everyday words to express how you feel about each other on your wedding certificate — for example, “If our love grows, our children never have to worry or live in fear.”

Always speak from the heart, and do not be afraid to get too personal, because doing so only further validates that you know your lover inside and out, which is always a nice thing to be reminded of on the day you get married.

Sometimes people have difficulty writing their wedding vows because they either cannot thing of anything personal, or they just fear that whatever they are writing is too much of a cliche and will come off as lame and lacking in creativity. Those fears are not uncommon and certainly justified to a certain extent.

But you just have to remember that your wedding vows are really for no one’s ears but your spouses (even if the rest of the wedding ceremony attendees can hear it, they are just there to witness the event).

Speak from the heart, and if it comes across as cliche, then live with it – if you are being honest to yourself, then many of the most common love cliches will naturally find their way into your wedding vows and nothing is wrong with that.

Take your time, plan out exactly what you want to say, and practice it multiple times before the big day. Once that’s all ready to go, your wedding vows will surely be a highlight of your wedding ceremony.

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