About Us

Splendor For Your Guests is a blog with a passion for weddings.

And not just weddings, but what they symbolize underneath all bells and whistles.

It symbolizes marriage first and foremost, which is the beautiful union between two people for the rest of their lives.

And that union is grounded in love first and foremost which is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Beyond the marriage itself, there is the celebratory nature of the event as well, which brings families together for a full day (and sometimes more than that) of happiness and joy.

Weddings take a lot of moving parts that work perfectly in order for a wedding to be perfect, and not just perfect for the bride and groom but perfect for all of the guests in attendence.

We have taken the time to discuss many of these various “moving parts” in order to help you understand all that it takes to make the perfect wedding.

Hopefully you will find this website just as splendid as the last wedding you attended.

And with any luck it will inspire some of you to go out and make that perfect wedding a reality, either for yourself or for someone else that you love.

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