Attracting Single Ladies At Wedding Receptions Through Conversation

Sometimes, all it takes to make women fall for a guy is a little conversational imagination. I’m sure you’ve heard of conversational seduction – and you can use this simple trick to make women feel drawn to you effortlessly. But before you can use this trick, you’ll need to know what you are doing. You need to tie emotions with needs, in order to set yourself apart from all the other men in her life and to make her feel like she doesn’t have anyone else.

First off, remember that at a wedding reception, there is a lot of built up sexual tension, especially when talking to single women who are more than likely wishing they were the ones who just got married. You need to use this to your advantage. For example, ask them jokingly when they are planning to get married to get them thinking about you in that light.

If you make it that far and things start getting sexual, which it inexplicably will on a wedding day when girls are more open to one-night flings, ask her an explicitly sexual question such as if she knows what squirting is and if she knows how to do it herself. Regardless of her response, you can slyly suggest helping her out with that, and with any luck she’ll agree and you’ll be off doing naughty things with her (and if you don’t know how to make her squirt, checking out should help with that). As you can see, things can very easily be set into motion thanks to some creative conversation.

In conversational hypnosis, there’s a technique called “calibration.” What this means is that you make a person feel absolutely amazing when he is talking to you by mimicking their responses, not just to you but to everyone else around her. If she laughs, laugh with her. If she looks down at her feet, subtly do the same in hopes that she will notice. She will feel connected to you subconsciously.

So, how do you make women feel further connected to you? Well, first of all, you can’t make anyone feel good unless he is calmer than normal. Therefore, you must give everyone at least ten seconds of your valuable time. If you spend ten seconds talking to a girl, you hopefully will bond with her in a way that implies that she is your secret girlfriend or lover. It will happen quickly – usually in under ten minutes.

Of course, you can’t just talk to overtly to anybody. To make a person feel good, you have to feel it for yourself, too. You also can’t foster a sense of trust unless you feel it for yourself. However, you can inject it in yourself and encourage the feeling of trust and intimacy, which is typically very hard to do when talking to someone for the first time.

It can be easy to learn how to do these things. First of all, be nice to yourself. Internalize the feelings of love and happiness that you want to promote. Add a little mystery – have passions other than women. Be confident and make it clear that you have a lot to offer. Convince yourself that you aren’t desperate and needy and that everyone could do better.

Now, there are some exceptions. If she has terrible hang-ups about men cheating or about men who have affairs is still getting it out of her system, be very delicate and tread lightly. Don’t try to convince her of anything she firmly believes in, and don’t oversell yourself unless it is very clear that she is into you.

Now that you know what to do to make a woman feel emotionally connected to you, it’s just a matter of time before those same feelings reinforce themselves into smart, confident, emotionally stable women who will be magnetizing you to the point where will you have your choice of women at the wedding reception, either for just a one-night fling, or a full-blown relationship.

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