How To Burn Calories Fast Before Your Wedding Day

Fitting into your wedding dress (or even your suit for men) can be a challenge, since we all want to size down as much as possible for the numerous wedding photos that are taken. However, we cannot just magically get thinner, and definitely not overnight. It takes a consistent weight loss mindset to get to your intended wedding day weight.

You have probably read all of the basic weight loss tips available, such as eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and avoiding bad lifestyle habits. If you have tried any of them, you know that they definitely are useful in the long run. But if you want fast results, here are the basic weight loss tips that you should take note of.

Effects of hunger

Most people think that they always feel hungry no matter what they do. This is a lie. Sometimes, you’re just thirsty. However, be careful not to mistake thirst for hunger. Sometimes, your body needs liquid refresh anyway, and it is a lot better to just have some water than to eat. Whenever you feel hungry, you should drink water first. If you are not immediately satiated by drinking water, then it just means that you are thirsty instead. You should not think that it restores your fullness feeling. Water is your best friend, not empty calories. Do not deprive yourself of liquid refreshments unless it’s a habit. Keep the idea that it can energize your body and improve your body’s condition. That way, you will not really notice that you are already satiated. On the other hand, you can always eat nutritious foods such as fruits, vegetables, and drink water.

Know how many calories you burn a day

Once you know how much calories you expend every day, you can better plan out how to have a lower caloric intake in the form of foods. Don’t forget that you should also give your body the nourishment it needs for the tasks that it does daily. So, your weight loss program should not only focus on how many calories you eat in a day but also should be able to plan out a nutrition and a workout plan for you.

Limit your salty foods

Did you know that salt retains water in your body and adds to your weight? If you’re eating at a buffet, or one is available anytime, make some wise choices by limiting your food intake to those that have fewer amounts of salt. This way, your body will be able to flush out the salt and be able to lose some water in your system.

Keep a food journal

Did you know that those people who maintain food journals are more successful with their weight loss efforts? Yes, a food journal can help you keep track of your calories. By writing down what you eat everyday, you become more conscious of what you put in your mouth and how much of it you had. By maintaining a food journal, you can also be advised on the wrong foods to indulge on. By reading your food journal on a daily basis, you can also be given ideas on how to lessen your food consumption and still be healthy.

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